Product Strategy

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How to not suck at product strategy

Notes from a talk by Des Traynor on product strategy in a growing company

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The ‘pick two’ of product development

For product development, you have to pick two among innovation, creation, or improvements.

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Feature Creep Isn’t the Real Problem

You won’t win by obsessing over feature creep — you’ll win by addressing the real underlying problems. When you’re focusing on doing everything necessary to deliver value to your customers, you won’t have to worry about creating an unfocused and overpacked product over time.

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Mental model
6 Essential Mental Models for Product Managers

Instead of falling back on the easier or most familiar way to approach a problem, PMs need a toolbox of mental models so that you can apply critical thinking to all of the information you are thrown.

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10 things I learned from Jason Fried about Building Products

Summary of some of the best tips on building products from Jason Fried.

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Killing the Product Development Assembly Line – Hacker Noon

A PM’s Guide to Empowering Design and Engineering

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